martedì 6 marzo 2018

Milano Wargame 2018 – Feb 25, 2018

Also this year my club (La Piccola Armata) took part to Milano wargame.
This time we prepared two tables: one historical inspired to Italian Independence wars and another one to a fantasy-horror scenario.

The first table recreates the Volturno battle (Oct, 1 1860) between Garibaldini and South Reign troops (Borbonici).
The scenario was prepared by Paolo Montinaro with the help of other club members (Valter, Massimo, Franco B., Franco) using his rule system: Garibaldini all’attacco!

The second-one table was inspired to Warlord Project Z. All miniatures and buildings are prepared/painted by Maurizio with the support of our kingmaker Ezio

During the exhibition was organized a Saga tournament in which another member of “La Piccola” was involved (Riccardo)

… and with a great result as it is possible to see below

But Riccardo is not only a good player but a talent painter too with his Umbrella team

During the Milano wargames there were other club with their tables and some miniatures manufactures. Below some photos of the other exhibitors

A sample of Mirliton miniatures (20mm)

Wargame Club Lecco with their Thirty Years’ War (rule system Tercio, 15 mm)

Massimo Torriani with his Centuria II (28 mm)

Some Late Roman and Vikings warriors (28 mm)

To conclude some pictures of Napolenic miniatures

venerdì 2 marzo 2018

SAGA Carolingian vs Anglo-Danish – Feb 17, 2018

With a tremendous delay, today I’m posting some pictures of struggle between Ivano’s Carolingian and Giancarlo’s Anglo-Danish.

It was the first match using the new Studio Tomahawk rules and so the fight was a simple battle on a table with few scenic elements as request by the rules.

To write a real battle report it is a bit hard because it was a great cavalry charge (Carolingians) against a group of Anglo-Danish on foot.

This time a real photographer (Marco Diana) took some pictures of our miniatures. The effect is very great

Carolingian (28 mm painted by Ivano)

Anglo-Danish (28mm painted by Giancarlo)

Below some other pictures of the miniatures/battle took by me.
Some Ivano’s Carolingians on foot

Giancarlo’s warlord defied by some brave Carolingians

Some moments of the cavalry charge

giovedì 8 febbraio 2018

Ww2 German winter soldiers

In January, I finished to paint other German miniatures of the Ww2. It was the first time I painted winter uniforms and, generally, I don’t like to use light colors (the white in particular) because I think that it is hard to give the correct shade. 

As usual I sought original photos to use to reproduce the correct effect, so below I posted some of these photos inserting them between my miniatures.

All miniatures arrive from various Italeri boxes but there are aso some Zvezda miniatures. The scale is 20mm for all.

Below, in the first and third photo, there are some Waffen SS troops (may be 3 SS Panzer Division Totenkopf) during the Operation Konrad near Hungarian borders (Jan 20, 1945). The other two pictures show my miniatures in action between wrecked houses and near a church

I painted also some soldiers in white uniform used during the cold periods (Ardenne, Russia) and, for the uniforms shading, I used as example the photo of this exhausted German volksgrenadier at Stalingrad (Dec 1942)

Using Zvezda miniatures I prepared an MMG and the command group

A part of my miniatures (as well as the command group) wore camouflage uniforms. The camouflage pattern is the "Oak leaf" (1943) as the as the one used by these men of 3 SS Panzer division Totenkopf during operation Barbarossa in July 1941. I want point out that tanks in the photos are not painted by me but by one of my club mates (Alberto F.).

martedì 30 gennaio 2018

Bolt action US Chaplain

In the second edition, Bolt Action introduced for US Army a new figure: the military chaplain. It is a useful unit because the chaplain may select one friendly unit within 6" and (applying the right modifiers) remove 1 pin.

Unfortunately it is hard to find miniatures suitable for this role ... luckly in our Club we have the right person for a challange as this: Maurizio.

He started with a preliminary study and ...

... then he modified a 1/72 miniature

The results are below

mercoledì 24 gennaio 2018

Ww2: 8th army

The 20 mm scale is not one of my favorite one  but it easy and quick to paint. Some months ago I bought two boxes of 1/72 plastic Italeri and I prepared them as the British 8th army.
Before to paint them I did some search to be sure what kind of colors should been more realistic … and, at the end, the result is below

The 8th army was involved in different ww2 theatres but they became famous for their actions during the African campaign.

In the photo below there are some soldiers of the 8th army during Operation Lightfoot (Oct 1942) and one of them is armed with a Thompson submachine. Some of the miniatures have the same gun. Below one of them with an NCO.

Other miniatures are equipped with Bren as well as the men of the Greek company during in Africa

I painted also some Vickers teams and to prepare them I was inspired by the photos below

For the officers I decided to paint some of them as members of the 9th Australian HQ's

and to support the infantry I painted some churchill tanks too.