mercoledì 13 dicembre 2017

Cross Fire play test: Dec, 9 2017

Thanks to the great work did by Alberto (one of my club mates) that prepared a stunning table …

… last Saturday Alberto and Ezio played a test match using Cross Fire. Cross Fire is a Ww2 set of rules at company level, it is focuses in particular on infantry fights. Scenario they chose is included into the rule book (“bridgehead”) and they decided for a Normandy background.
Germans are in defense while Us troops have to advance and to take the control of (at least) four houses by enemy' reinforcements arrival.

All miniatures are painted by Alberto and are in 1/72 scale … but now some imagines of the battle

To start, a quick look to the two HQ’s commanders

Before US attack, Germans troops hide themselves into the village

An American armored column starts his approach to the village but the lane is blocked

From the church bell tower, a German HMG forces the Yankees to keep their heads down

Us troops continues their approach to the village but …

… even if German reinforcements arrived under an heavy enemy fire … the Americans doesn’t reach their goals …

… and Germans keep the control of the village

domenica 10 dicembre 2017

German late war soldiers

In September I finished my volksgrenadiers and waffen ss in 28 mm but, only today, I took some pictures of them. As I did in other post I included into this article also some real photos.

I have to point out that the Puma and the Panzer IV are painted by Maurizio ... I used my colors on them only for few details ...   while sceneries are prepared by my club mates (in particular by Alberto, Ezio and Flavio).

Below my version of a German PAK 40. 

Pak 40 was a very efficent anti-tank gun but it is hard to find historical colorized photos of it. 

During late part of the war, volksgrenadiers and ss troops wore different kind of camouflage uniforms. I tried to reproduce two of them using original photos. One version more light ...

... the second one more dark and green

In the complex, using the right background, the effect can be considered acceptable

I painted also some heavy MG 34 on a stationary tripod mount ... 

and 88 mm mortar

During the late part of the war, German troops suffered the effects of Allied air supremacy, so it was not difficult to find a column of soldiers in this situation

I tried to reproduce this atmosphere in the following three photos taken from different point of view

mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

TMWWBK – November, 25 2017

Last Saturday Giancarlo and Ivano played a colonial match using Osprey's TMWWBK rules system.

Ezio prepared the landscape in which ther are also some wild animals and the effect is very nice


The scenario was an ambush in which Giacarlo’s men (Zanzibar slave merchants) have to attack a German colonial column in the middle of the jungle. German colonials are lead on and painted by Ivano.

A detail of German troops supported by cavalry

Zanzibar tribal units start immediately the attack running against Ivano’s Germans

 Ivano detaches the cavalry moving it to intercept one of Giancalo’s unit

 The enemies are close and Ivano deploys his regular troops to form a line

 Unfortunately for Ivano, Zanzibar’s warbands arrive to the back of the line. The fight continues for two turns but Ivano’s troops are forced to be disbanded

 Giancarlo launches his units against irregular German troops but, even if only with four miniatures,  this unit resists

In the meanwhile, Ivano recalls his cavalry trying to reach and destroy Zanzibar tribal troops but without success

The match ended with a Zanzibar victory: 9 points against 4

Below I posted some details of the fantastic miniatures painted by my club’s mates.
Ivano’s masterpieces …

… and, of course, Giancarlo's miniatures